Yes Jesus Loves Me – Garrison Children’s Voices

Yes Jesus Loves Me – Garrison Children’s Choir

It’s a new month and we excited to kick start August choral blog with the Garrison Children’s Choir.

GH Choral Music had an interview with their Director Edward Opare Addo in preparation for the Children’s Choral Festival on August 3rd, 2019

Interview Session:

Who is Garrison Children’s Choir?

We’re a children’s choir of the Garrison Methodist Presbyterian church, Burma Camp. We were set up in 2016 to enrich, engage and inspire a life-long love for sacred music and sacred arts in children.

How long have you been in existence?

We’ll be 3 years this September.

Why Yes Jesus Loves Me?
The love of Jesus is an undeniable truth to every Christian who has a personal walk with God.

The objective of this children’s choral Festival is to provide our children, from ages 6 to 14, the enjoyment, personal pride and development of talent and camaraderie through the sharing of gospel songs of praise and inspiration, which are not normally available to them.
There will be a music workshop for the choristers and their teachers. Each participating choir will share two of their most loved songs or hymns either in unison or harmony and all the choirs will perform together, Jesus Loves Me, This I Know ” a very popular children’s hymn.

It’s a non-competitive choral program. However, there are adjudicators who will assess each choir and give positive feedback on the performances mainly on basic choral disciplines and étiquettes to help the music teachers know which areas to develop in their choirs.

We name the children’s choral Festival “Yes Jesus Loves Me” because that’s the theme of our gathering. Little singers know this truth and singing and sharing their favourite songs about Jesus’ love is going to be a true evangelistic experience for them and their music teachers as well as their audience.

What edition of the program is this?

This is the first edition. And our main vision was to engage the existing children’s choirs in the sister military churches and encourage the forming up of children’s choirs in churches that don’t have resident children’s choirs. Hopefully, we’ll extend it to other children’s choirs who will be interested in participating in the next edition.

Where and when is the event happening?

Church Auditorium of Garrison Methodist Presbyterian church, Burma Camp.
Pick a public transport to Burma Camp either at Tema Station, Circle or 37 Station, or drive to Burma Camp and drop off at Supply bus stop.

What are some of the repertoire to be performed?

We’re having a wide range of repertoire from the 7 participating choirs. Besides, they’re rather child-friendly pitched gospel songs and hymns we trust everyone will easily identify with.

What should your audience expect from you?

We’re giving our audience the delight of music enjoyment made by children. They should expect to see the expression of God’s love and His praise through the lips of talented children from 7 institutions. We promise a memorable afternoon they’ll look forward to in the years to come.

Event Details

  • Saturday 3rd August 2018
  • 12 pm


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