Emmanuel Owusu, a renouned musician and composer of choral music has added his voice to the recent discussions on feminism. GH Choral Music chanced on his Facebook timline and this is what he had to say.
“This is my problem: Are we seeking to support women or patronize them? If Kwaku Manu and Yaa Mansa both had Aggregate 12 in WASSE, and in the name of affirmative action, the latter is to be given priority in university admissions, where do we want the former to go?

When the Ursula Owusus were being insulted for their involvement in front line politics, where were those who comfortably chose to be in armchair feminism?

Let me be frank with the feminists out there. You are not going to get the opportunities to ascend to decision making positions on a silver platter. Realists like us will rather support you than patronize you. The latter is a huge insult to the dignity of every precious being called woman”.

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